6 Delicious Ways To Prepare Kielbasa}

6 Delicious Ways to Prepare Kielbasa


Jordan Rocksmith

It’s that time of day again. It’s time to figure out what you are going to make for dinner. You are probably going through your normal list of recipes and nothing sounds good. If you are in a rut with your meals, it’s time to try something new. Ditch the chicken and steak for something new. Kielbasa is a savory smoked sausage that hails from Europe. Sometimes known as a polish sausage, it has many different names depending on the area. While different countries might prepare it differently, this cut of meat is delicious in all forms. So, next time you’re racking your brain for meal plans, try one of these delectable ideas.

1.Jambalaya. If your family loves spicy Creole food, this should be a staple meal. This rich southern dish is a perfect fit for kielbasa. While there are many different ways to prepare it, jambalaya is nothing without sausage. Cooked and added to a pot with chicken, peppers, rice, and seasoning, it will create a delicious Cajun dish that your family will ask for regularly.

2.Soups. One of the most traditional dishes that include this type of sausage combines lentils, seasonings, and broth with chopped-up pieces of this smoky meat. However, kielbasa is also a great addition to cheesy potato soups, chowders, and chili. Another popular soup combines orzo pasta, kale, kielbasa, and broth. It doesn’t matter which recipe you decide to use it in, with this savory sausage in the mix, your soup will be perfect for those cold winter nights!

3.Grilled with sides. If you don’t feel like getting too fancy with your meal, try grilling the sausage plain. Kielbasa is also great by itself! Serve it next to some steamed broccoli or mashed potatoes for a meal that is simple, yet satisfying. You can also try adding it to a skewer with your favorite garden veggies. Placing it on a shish kebab with zucchini, tomatoes, and onions will result in a meal that will complete those picturesque summer days.

4.Serve it traditionally. Kielbasa hails from Eastern Europe. While traditional dishes may vary, they are all excellent. Depending on the region, recipes will vary. For example, you can serve this sausage up with sauerkraut on a bun or in a skillet for a German twist. You can also try a casserole with potatoes, onions, cheese, and kielbasa. No matter what you decide to use it in, your guests will definitely be asking for seconds!

5.For breakfast. Are you in a rut when it comes to the first meal of the day? Kick your breakfast up a notch. Fry up a couple of eggs and serve this delectable sausage up next to it. Add some fruit and a piece of toast and you have a well-balanced, delicious meal that you will be thinking about for the rest of the day. If you have a little bit more time in the morning, throw some peppers, onions, and hash browns into a skillet with the sausage. Let it cook until the veggies are soft. Then, top off this savory hash with an egg over easy.

6.As an appetizer. Want to start your party off with a bang? Cut up pieces of kielbasa into bite-size circles. Then, cook them up in your favorite barbecue sauce. Serve them to your guests on toothpicks for an appetizer that everyone loves!

There are hundreds of other great ways to use this delicious sausage in your meals. Don’t let your dinner rotation get boring. Use this meat as a great alternative to your go-to cuts. Kielbasa offers a way to spice up your favorite dishes.

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6 Delicious Ways to Prepare Kielbasa }

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