Make Use Of The Scrappage Scheme Whilst It Is Here}

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Make use of the Scrappage scheme whilst it is here


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The government led Scrappage Scheme has been very successful and many people have already taken up the chance to save some money on new cars. The scheme was set out to help the ailing motor industry in the UK as well as helping out customers buy a new car.

The government set up the scheme that encourages car owners to scrap cars that are ten years old or more, if you opt into the scheme then you receive 2000 off a new car. The government set aside 300 million for the scheme but due to the popularity of it, the funds are set to run out by 2010. If you have a car is older than 10 years and looking for a new car then you need to take advantage of the scheme sooner rather than later.

When the scheme was introduced the top manufacturers were not forced to take part but some that have registered are; Peugeot and Renault who are two of the main manufacturers in the UK. There are a few more as well but as you can tell, many of the leading manufacturers have opted into the scheme so finding a car to suit your budget should not cause too many problems.

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Buying a new car has its benefits aside from the scheme. A new car should mean less maintenance costs and you also have less chance of breaking down. There are many costs associated with running a car, not at least car insurance.

Car insurance is a legal requirement for all UK drivers. Having car insurance is not enough though, your policy has to cover you for all eventualities as anything can happen and it does when you least expect it. A Third party, fire and theft policy gives you minimal cover but if you the value of your car is not high then this will be sufficient.

The best policy to take out is comprehensive car insurance as this will cover you from the unexpected. It is more expensive than the other types of policies but in the long term is worth it.

When you take out your policy you have to be honest on your application form as fronting can void the policy. Typical fronting is where you vehicle will be parked or the annual mileage you will do. If anything changes after taking out your policy then you must inform the insurance company, you may end up saving some money.

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Make use of the Scrappage scheme whilst it is here }

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